01 September 2014
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Stupid People
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If you read my rants on a regular basis, you will know that I am totally opposed to any form of social engineering through eugenics. We should always strive to care for the weak and the vulnerable in society, even if this means a less than optimum pathway for the human race.


Protecting the weak and vulnerable is one thing; bending over backwards to prevent stupid, witless morons from harming themselves and removing their feeble evolutionary thread from the gene pool is another. Why should society expend valuable resources on protecting people who are stupid enough to take up chain saw juggling as a hobby, or saw a branch off a tree while they are sitting on it? Surely these people deserve everything they get.


I believe that they do deserve everything they get. I think that by the time people become adults, they should know better than to douse a fire with petrol, or play chicken with an express train (yes, people really do do these things). The problem is that stupid people are a danger to others, as well as themselves. Their antics frequently harm perfectly intelligent, innocent bystanders. We protect society by locking up dangerous, violent criminals, so why don’t we do the same with stupid people? We should have a crime of ‘Rank Stupidity’ and a more heinous crime of ‘Wanton Stupidity’ (stupidity likely to endanger life).


To illustrate the type of stupidity that might warrant criminal action, here is a video I took on the way to Llangothlen the other Friday. As well as dangerous driving, this impatient pariah, should be charged with the most heinous of stupidity crimes for overtaking when he/she did:


New Project
Badobadop's Folding Caravan
Now that the telescope is finished, and the sunlight flicker experiment is well underway, I need to embark on another madcap, major project.
The purchase of a trailer tent from Ebay this year, has made camping expeditions somewhat easier than in the past, but I am aware that there isn't' much life left in the somewhat ancient tent, and I will be looking for a replacement before too long.
It occurred to me that if I made a folding caravan I could have everything just the way I wanted, for a fraction of the cost of a new, or even a used item.
A bit of searching on Google this weekend has reassured me that the project is affordable and within my capabilities, so I sketched out a rough idea of what I intend to make. It will be interesting to see whether the project comes to fruition (some of them don't) and if it does, whether the final result bears any resemblance to the original concept.
In any case, keep an eye out for developments in the weeks and months to come.
Oxwich Bay
01 September 2014
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Badobadop recently spent a week camping at Oxwich Bay on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. What a fabulous place. I will let the pictures speak for themselves: 

Piri Piri Chicken
01 September 2014
01 September 2014

Here is another video of stupidity crimes ranging from minor misdemeanours of rank stupidity, all the way up to serious, wanton stupidity:

I have little doubt that after viewing the shocking footage brought to you by Badobadop, you too will agree that stupid people should be dealt with in the same way as common criminals.

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