08 September 2014
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The Cost of Stupidity
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If you visited last week, you will recall that I had a rant about stupid people and the dangers they pose to the rest of society. The rant got me thinking about the financial costs associated with protecting us all from stupid people, and how much better off we would all be if stupid people didnít exist. On contemplation, the lengths we go to accommodate stupidity and the costs associated with them are truly shocking. Here are some examples:


         Stupid people are more likely to be long term unemployed. Instead of leaving them to their own devices, we house them and give them tax payerís money for food and clothes. A significant proportion of the UK benefits budget is spent keeping stupid people alive.


        Stupid people undertake dangerous activities like climbing a mountain in a snowstorm or paddling out to sea in a toy inflatable raft. Every one of us has to foot the bill for rescuing them through the involvement of the emergency services and the health service.


        In order to prevent stupid people undertaking reckless, dangerous activities, government legislation has been introduced to make a multitude of blatantly dangerous practices illegal. The cost of introducing and enforcing this legislation is incalculable. The next time you wince at the bill to repair your gas boiler, remember that a significant proportion of the cost is linked to the maintenance of a licensing system for gas engineers so that stupid people donít go looking for a gas leak with a cigarette lighter.


        Signage is another aspect of our lives which is used widely, and at great expense to protect people from themselves. I donít need a sign to tell me to keep away from the edge of a cliff or to refrain from using a mains powered radio in the bath. I donít need a government warning label to tell me that smoking is dangerous, or that drinking and driving is a bad idea, so why should I be expected to contribute to the costs of running these schemes?


I firmly believe that without the huge millstone of stupid people around the neck of society we could massively cut government expenditure and be very much better off. Unfortunately, the prospect of a society without stupid people is about as likely as a blind man getting a pilots license; or, in the words of Albert Einstein:


ďOnly two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe.Ē

Badobadop's Folding Caravan
Last week I announced that I had decided to build a folding caravan as my next project. The design is progressing and I have ordered the wheels, the axle and the steel for the chassis.
I have been looking at some vintage caravan designs to see if there are any ideas or techniques I might copy. Although nothing has slapped me in the face as being  a particularly good idea, I have found some engaging footage of caravanning history in the UK which I think is worth sharing with you all. Take a look at the YouTube clips below:
Rhosilli Bay
08 September 2014
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A fabulous place to visit on the Gower Peninsula in Wales, is Rhossili Bay. Rhossili itself is a small village high on the cliffs at the South end of the Bay with a picturesque walk down to a headland called Worm's Head. Rhossili beach is a vast sandy expanse which is perfect for sandcastle building. The sea is perfect for bodyboarding/surfing, and the hills around the bay are popular for paragliding. All in all, there is something for everyone. The walk down to the beach (and back) is somewhat arduous, but my 4 year old rose to the challenge, so unless you are in a wheelchair or have a heart condition, there is no excuse! Parking for the day was in the region of £3- £4, but if you stop short of the main car park and use the church car park instead, you can stay for a discretionary donation to church funds. If you get the chance, Rhossili is a must see place of natural beauty.

Piri Piri Chicken
08 September 2014
08 September 2014
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Worm's Head
Rhossili Beach
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This week Scotland votes on whether or not they want to remain part of the United Kingdom. To retain political impartiality, Badobadop is delaying this week's publication until after the polls close on Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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