May 2015
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May 2015
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Badobadop's Mathematics Challenge
Last month I asked for a proof that x = 2, y = 17  is a unique solution to the following problem:
The last piece of the jigsaw
Mathematics Challenge badobadop157006.jpg
I did say that I would post a proof of sorts this month, so as promised, here it is. Click on the picture for a PDF.
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I hope that this will be one of many arrangements I post on Badobadop. Shine on Harvest Moon is dated, but nevertheless a charming and popular piece of music that I have transcribed and fingered for the classical guitar.

The piece is suitable for intermediate players and should pose no real difficulty to moderately competent guitarists.

Shine on Harvest Moon is usually credited to Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth. It was one of a series of Moon-related Tin Pan Alley songs of the era, and was first performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1908. It received rave reviews and became a pop standard. Shine on Harvest Moon continues to be performed and recorded even today.

It isn't entirely clear whether the song was actually written by Bayes and Norworth. At the time it was common practice for songs to be sold outright, and the purchaser would be credited as the songwriter. One source credits the song to Edward Madden and Gus Edwards. Another, to Dave Stamper, who was Bayes' pianist from 1903 to 1908.

The song has been recorded by many top artist, but my personal favourite is that of Ruth Etting .

May 2015
So, for your delectation and delight, here is the score, lyrics and a .WAV of the piece as written. I have also included a YouTube clip of Ruth Etting's recording.
badobadop157004.gif badobadop157003.jpg
Click for PDF
Click for .WAV
Badobadop's Prize Challenge
Sweets in a Jar
This month I am trying something different and offering a cash prize to the value of 10.
It's not a life changing sum I know, but it is enough to buy a nice bottle of wine, a few beers, or a box of chocolates.
There is sufficient information in the photograph for you to determine the exact number of sweets in the jar. You can guess if you like, but I am really looking for a description of how you determined the number with absolute certainty.
The best answer (by my reckoning) will be published and I will send the winner 10 via paypal. There are no catches. If you have a Paypal account and a few grey cells, give it a go. What have you got to lose?
Closing date for entries is 31 May 2015, or when I have received 100 correct replies. Whichever happens soonest.
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May 2015